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Great employees are used to be hard to find

From search strategy through onboarding, we help source the talent needed to keep your business or organization moving forward without staffing fees.

Think Your Current Talent Acquisition Strategy Is Attracting The Best Candidates For Your Small Business?

HR Recruiting Agency

If only you could just place a job ad.

Wanted: Motivated, talented individual with the skills we need, ready to start tomorrow and hit the ground running.

But you know what comes next: a flood of unqualified applicants mixed with a few that seem good — at least on paper. Finding the right person is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And then there are interviews, figuring out the right compensation and benefits to offer, and onboarding.

Isn’t there an easier way to do this?

We're glad you asked. Our HR recruiting services are tailored for small businesses to help find the right talent for you.

We’ve been in the business of recruiting and sourcing top talent for our small business clients for two decades. We charge a reasonable hourly rate, not a staffing fee, so you know the service you’re getting is high integrity and within your budget. We go beyond traditional hiring to understand your unique needs, connecting you with top-tier talent that fits seamlessly into your company culture. Let us manage the details so you can get the people you need without the headaches or hiring fees.

Our HR recruiting services for small businesses includes your choice of:

Developing a recruiting strategy and plan for a position

Job descriptions and job postings

Online job board management

Compensation analysis

Resume review and candidate acknowledgement

Interview question development

Candidate sourcing


Interview scheduling and logistics

Reference and background check support

Preparing & communicating offers

New hire onboarding

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What our clients say:

At Next Level Strategies, we do things a bit differently than most recruiters. As a small business, here's what you can expect from our HR recruiting services:


Initial Consultation

It starts with listening well. We’ll help you envision the ideal candidate who will fit your needs, culture, and budget. 


Targeted Search

Our care at the beginning to identify your needs allows us to conduct a precision search for the right person at the right compensation level. We’re savvy about marketing and strive to bring you highly-targeted candidates who won’t waste your time.


Affordable hourly fee structure

Most recruiters charge a percentage, typically 20-25%, of the employee’s first annual salary. We charge an hourly fee instead. In most cases, this results in a lower cost for you. You’re not paying us more just because you’re offering the candidate a higher salary, which increases the integrity of the search.

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