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From interview question development to candidate sourcing, pre-screening, and logistics, our nonprofit recruiters handle the entire recruitment process with no staffing fees and an eye toward diversity, equity, and fairness.

Think Your Current Talent Acquisition Strategy Is Attracting The Best Candidates For Your Nonprofit?

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If only hiring for your cause was as effortless as a job ad placement.

Wanted: A committed and skilled individual, eager to contribute to our cause and ready to join immediately.

But, instead of the ideal candidates flooding in, you’re faced with a mix of unqualified applicants and a handful who seem promising – at least on paper. It’s a daunting task, akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Effective recruiting is a lot to handle, especially when your primary focus is driving positive change.

Isn’t there an easier way to navigate the recruitment maze as an organization?

We're glad you asked. Our team of nonprofit recruiters are here to find the right talent for you.

At Next Level Strategies, our specialized talent acquisition services not only help you develop a targeted strategy but also manage the entire process – from crafting compelling job descriptions to conducting pre-screening and coordinating logistics. With our nonprofit recruiters, finding excellent staff for your organization becomes a streamlined experience, without the staffing fee, allowing you to focus on what matters most: making a difference.

Our talented team of nonprofit recruiters can assist with:

Developing a recruiting strategy and plan for a position

Job descriptions and job postings

Online job board management

Compensation analysis

Resume review and candidate acknowledgement

Interview question development

Candidate sourcing


Interview scheduling and logistics

Reference and background check support

Preparing & communicating offers

New hire onboarding

Ready to find your dream team to help fuel your organization's mission?

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What our clients say:

At Next Level Strategies, our talent acquisition process is different than most recruiters. Here's what you can expect from our team of nonprofit recruiters.


Initial Consultation

It starts with listening well. We’ll help you envision the ideal candidate who will fit your needs, culture, and budget. 


Targeted Search

Our care at the beginning to identify your needs allows us to conduct a precision search for the right person at the right compensation level. We’re savvy about marketing and strive to bring you highly-targeted candidates who won’t waste your time.


Affordable hourly fee structure

Most recruiters charge a percentage, typically 20-25%, of the employee’s first annual salary. We charge an hourly fee instead. In most cases, this results in a lower cost for you. You’re not paying us more just because you’re offering the candidate a higher salary, which increases the integrity of the search.

Take the stress out of your next hire.

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