HR Consulting Services For Nonprofits

Strategic HR advice for your organization's most valuable asset: your people.

Managing people isn't easy.

As a leader, you recognize that your team is fundamental to your organization’s success, and we acknowledge that your schedule is already full actuating the mission of your nonprofit.

Finding talent for your organization is just the beginning. It’s a complex process of not only finding the right talent but setting the stage for them to feel inspired to deliver their best work. 

It’s also about shaping HR policies and procedures that not only tick all the compliance boxes but also sync up seamlessly with your organization’s culture and strategic goals. Diversity, equity, inclusion and fairness are integral to how we approach HR consulting. 

The larger the nonprofit, the more challenges you may face. From workplace complaints to the delicate processes of terminations and layoffs, all require a careful balance between empathy and safeguarding your nonprofit’s interests.

Feeling overwhelmed yet with all this HR talk? We get it. It’s a time-consuming journey that demands meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the unique dynamics within your organization. 

But here's the good news – you're not alone in this. We’re literally built for this. Here's where our tailored HR consulting services for nonprofits save the day

Our passion is to partner with nonprofits to help chart a path through these challenges so you can have a healthy, thriving workplace that helps you meet your organization’s goals. It’s like having a trusted HR sidekick. By working with us, you gain the support needed to handle workplace intricacies with care, ensuring fair and compassionate resolutions while safeguarding the best interests of your organization. With guidance from our expert HR team, you can enhance employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and pave the way for sustained success. 

Here are some areas where our HR consulting services for nonprofits can help your organization:

HR Strategy

We’ll help you see the big picture and develop an HR strategy that supports your business goals and facilitates growth. Some examples of areas we can advise you in include:

Policies and Procedures

Documented policies and procedures allow for scalability, repeatability, and growth as your business matures. We draw on our depth of experience, so you make smart decisions about your needs and how to implement them in areas like:

Training and Prevention

Training can reduce your risk exposure and support compliance with policies. It can also be instrumental in helping your managers increase their effectiveness. We can plan and design training in areas including:

Employee Relations

Our tailored HR consulting services for nonprofits stand as your ally in cultivating strong employee relations. We understand that a content and motivated workforce is essential for business prosperity. We can advise you on:

Are you ready to have the clarity and confidence to move forward with HR consulting?

Invest in the future of your nonprofit – partner with our Next Level Strategies' HR team and witness the transformative impact on your organization's growth and stability.

What our clients say:

Curious to know what it's like to work with us? Here's what you can expect when reaching out to us about our HR consulting services for nonprofits


Initial Consultation

It starts with listening well. We want to hear about where you want to go and what’s holding you back from getting there.


Plan Development

Based on our initial conversation, we’ll create a proposal outlining our recommendations. Together, we’ll come to an agreement about how we can partner with you to reach your business goals.



This is the exciting stage. We will create detailed, actionable plans and support you as you implement them (or implement them for you!), providing the expertise and guidance you need for success.



We’re committed to your success. Both during and after implementation, we’ll work with you to make sure we’re hitting agreed-upon targets and delivering the results you expect.

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HR Consulting FAQ's

An HR consultant is able to provide perspective, information, strategy, and advice for anything related to human resources for your business.

With Next Level Strategies, you’ll get access to consultants who have decades of experience with nonprofits and small and medium-sized businesses in many different sectors. They can help you solve current problems, prevent future ones, and develop systems, processes, and strategies to strengthen the HR function in your organization

Hiring an HR consultant can result in significant benefits for your business. Getting the right personnel and managing them well is essential for your business to grow and thrive. Making sure you are compliant with all the laws and regulations that apply to you is also an important part of safeguarding yourself and your employees. An HR consultant can help you with these issues and anything else related to HR.

Though you’re the only one who can ultimately answer the question of whether you should hire an HR consultant, it is probably a good idea if any of the following are true:

● You are unsure whether you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations for the workplace. 

● You are experiencing employee relations problems and are unsure how to address them. 

● You are finding it difficult to recruit and retain the employees you need. 

● You wish you had a clearer strategy for the area of human resources and better ways of tracking your performance. 

● You are unhappy with your current HR policies and processes and believe it is time for a change.

Not sure? We are happy to have a free initial consultation with you to help you decide whether you could benefit from our services. Just get in touch.

HR strategy is primarily concerned with how to maximize business or organizational success by recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right people for the right positions. A well-crafted strategy can make finding the right people easier and reduce turnover in your workforce while boosting productivity.

Other areas of HR that can benefit from careful strategic thought are risk management, training, and performance monitoring. 

Each client engagement is unique. Pricing depends upon a number of factors, including the size of the organization and the number of issues to be addressed.

If you are interested in working with NLS, we’ll start with a free initial conversation to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help. We would then be able to provide you with accurate pricing information before we began any project together.